10 Creative Wedding Invitations & Unexpected Invite Ideas You’ll Love

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Getting married soon, or just in the mood for some offbeat, quirky, colourful and creative invitations? Gone are the days when traditions are a must. People are becoming more open, unconventional and creative in their ways. This certainly does not stop one from playing with ideas when it comes to their wedding invitations. I’ve got just the thing. Whether you plan on DIY your own invites or think hand-illustrated is the way to go, I’ve got creative Wedding Invitations for every bride-to-be and sure to impress all your guests. Here you go a few more creative ways to transform your wedding invitations into a true expression of your personality as a couple.

10 Creative Wedding Invitations & Unexpected Invite Ideas

Want to share your love story for all to see? This beautifully illustrated (and oh-so-colourful)

Creative Wedding Invitations - Map wedding invitation | sodazzling.com

Stationery : Jolly Edition  | Photography : KT Merry

Barefoot on your wedding day is kind of a cliche. Want to share your love story for all to see? And instead of trendsetter think keep sake and DIY Polaroid invite suite is just the thing.

Creative Wedding Invitations - Polaroid wedding invitation | sodazzling.com

Stationery : Keeks Paper Co  | Photography : Kamp Photography

Glass Wedding Invitations

Creative Wedding Invitations - Glass wedding invitation | sodazzling.com

Invitations : Méldeen | Photography : Ryan Ray

Write a fun infographic of your relationship story and end it with the details of your wedding.

Creative Wedding Invitations - Infographic wedding invitation | sodazzling.com
Photography: onelove-photo.com

Here’s one for the foodie couple and those who like an invite that doubles as a useful gift.

Creative Wedding Invitations - wood slice wedding invitation | sodazzling.com
Photography : Lily Rose Photography

Love is pop out! This pop out wedding invitation with your photography would sure to give your guest smile.

Creative Wedding Invitations - Pop out wedding invitation | sodazzling.com
Photography : Kenneth Pfeifer

Give your guests something to do, like blow up the balloons?  You can have your balloons custom printedto say anything you want, then tape the balloon to a simple piece of paper. Your friends will thing you’re the most clever hostess in the world!

Creative Wedding Invitations - Balloon wedding invitation | sodazzling.com

Photography : Kari Herer

Love, love, love these tea party invitations which teach us one very important lesson about invitations – whether your celebration is simple or layered, the cutest invitations look directly to theme to find their starting point.

Photo : Pipio

You know the artwork that your kids or your nieces and nephews come home with? Take inspiration from those childlike designs and craft your own kite invite!

Photo : Oh Happy Day

Did you know that you can custom print on slabs of chocolate. Yep, you can. Just don’t send these in the summer months or your guests will receive chocolate soup. And definitely won’t know what time to be there!

Photography : She n He Photography

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